BestLifeRewarded elevates health and wellness programs.

For nearly a decade, BestLifeRewarded has been helping thousands of Canadian organizations measurably transform employee well-being through a proven, customizable, and innovative platform.

BestLifeRewarded is a fun, easy way to help your employees focus on the areas of health that matter most to them. The program offers personalized action plans for lifestyle management and allows members to reach their goals using targeted support tools. By being better informed about their health and taking some personal ownership, members earn points and redeem for exciting rewards.

BestLifeRewarded was designed for one purpose: to promote sustainable behaviour-change that measurably improves the overall well-being of its members. Our “plug-and-play” system is designed to integrate into your existing program, so there is no need to start from scratch if you already have one in place. You can customize the platform to suit your wellness program while offering a compelling way to improve employee engagement and results.

We are passionate about getting Canada healthy. BestLifeRewarded is a proven and innovative platform that combines behaviour modification strategies with exciting incentives to drive action. Our customizable integration offers a range of flexible tools – from turnkey solutions to specialized components that can blend seamlessly with your existing wellness programs.

Member personal information will never be shared with anyone. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more. Registration is easy. Just complete the form below to get started. Once you’ve registered, each of your employees will be assigned a unique “special invitation code” to activate their membership or you can send them an invitation email from your administrator dashboard.

As the program administrator, you will have ongoing access to program marketing materials, implementation guide, FAQ’s and access to quarterly activity reports for your organization.

*Detailed Reports will only be provided to organizations for 10 or more employees due to employee confidentially.

Your Organization Total Cost

The rate is $50/employee/year for up to 249 employees. Rate includes full access to the BestLifeRewarded program for all of your employees, including the monthly prize draws.

Please contact us at 1-800-481-2190 or email us at if you have more than 250 employees, as volume discounts apply.

About Your Subscription

Your BestLifeRewarded membership will begin once you sign up and your payment is processed. Corporate membership fees include a 12-month term of access for your employees and are non-transferrable and non-refundable. To cancel your corporate BestLifeRewarded membership call our customer service line at 1-800-481-2190 or email us at

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