New Health Promotion Loyalty Program for Your Patients: to Change the Face of Canadian Healthcare

50% of the Canadian population will have chronic disease and illness by the year 2020. According to a recent Canadian Medical Association report (Health Care Transformation in Canada: Change that Works, Care That Lasts, August 2010), for Canada’s health care system to be sustainable and patient‐focused, we need to implement five pillars for action:

  1. Building a culture of patient‐centred care;
  2. Incentives for enhancing access and improving quality of care;
  3. Enhancing patient access along the continuum of care;
  4. Helping providers help patients; and
  5. Building accountability and responsibility at all levels.

Healthcare professionals work hard to advise patients on healthy eating, quitting smoking, taking medications properly and getting more physically active. Yet, chronic disease is on the rise and funding models are in question. There are many health promotion websites addressing various diseases, but the challenge is recommending credible resources for patients that truly meet their needs for a personalized, total health adherence approach.

For the first time, a health-focused loyalty program will offer a credible, Canadian-focused, one-stop-shop for healthcare professionals to refer their patients to for total health management:

Over 93% of Canadians are engaged in at least one loyalty program (Canada’s Love Affair with Loyalty, Strategy Magazine, August 2010). Leveraging the proven approach of other loyalty programs, BestLifeRewarded offers health incentives to motivate patients in a tangible way to take small steps toward healthy lifestyle change. Developed by Cookson James Loyalty Inc, is a coalition health promotion approach whereby it provides health information, tools, and health reminders in personalized way to Canadians. The program is linked to many Canadian government and national not-for-profit websites to leverage existing resources, all housed in one site: The health points incentives offer patients the opportunity to earn points toward health items such as healthy cookbooks, healthy groceries, diagnostic tools, and even consultations with Registered Dietitians – all to foster a healthy lifestyle. The Canadian Medical Association sited “They (incentives) work by providing immediate rewards for behaviours that usually

provide only long-term health gains.” Health Care Transformation in Canada: Change that Works, Care That Lasts, August 2010

Built on evidence-based behaviour change research along with consumer marketing principals, offers the best conditions for personal success through its five step strategy to sustainable, long term patient health behaviour change.

  1. Patient-centred: targeting the right approach to the right patient
  2. Creating self-efficacy through small steps: create a belief that ‘I can improve my health’
  3. Reward effort vs. just outcome: motivational language
  4. Self-monitoring, journaling and ”knowing your numbers” to reinforce positive action
  5. Tangible incentives: external motivator transitioning to intrinsic motivation over time

Starting in the first quarter of 2011, several pharmaceutical companies will be promoting the BestLifeRewarded program as a total patient adherence approach to healthy lifestyle and medication.

/p> is now available to all of your patients. Encourage your patients to go to for free healthy lifestyle resources and to start earning reward points today.

For more information or to book an interview, please contact:

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