What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

Diabetes is diagnosed by your doctor by checking your blood sugar level. If your blood sugar level is high enough, you are diagnosed with diabetes. If it is high but not high enough for diagnosis of diabetes they may say that you have pre-diabetes. There are a number of tests used to read blood sugar levels. Fasting plasma glucose is a blood sugar reading from the lab where the person has not had anything to eat or drink for 8 hours. This reading should be 7.0 mmol/L or higher. Casual plasma glucose is a reading from the lab taken any time of day without looking at when your last meal was. With this test, your blood sugar reading should be 11.0 mmol/L or higher. If you have pre diabetes, your fasting plasma glucose reading will be between 6.1 and 6.9 mmol/L.

Regular physical activity is an important part of the treatment of people with diabetes (see the benefits of physical activity). Regular exercise will help lower or maintain normal blood sugar levels and lower weight. Check with your doctor about regular physical activity and they will recommend safe exercises for you. Canada’s Physical Activity Guide recommends 30 – 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Start your exercises slowly and over time you will build strength and endurance. This will allow you to increase the length of your exercises as well as the level of difficulty. Simple exercises such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking your car further away from the mall or office entrance and consider eating a healthy snack and taking a short walk during your break at work.

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