How Do You Get Asthma?

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The exact cause of Asthma is unknown. There are a variety of factors that put your child at risk of developing asthma. Family history plays a big role in the development of asthma in children. Factors such as a family or personal history of eczema, seasonal allergies or food allergies can increase the risk of developing asthma. Indoor and outdoor air pollution is also a factor that puts you at risk of developing asthma. Other risk factors include working in a polluted work space and working with products that cause allergic reactions (latex, spray paints and fumes). People with sinus infections, inflammation or seasonal allergies will notice a flare up in asthma symptoms. Treating nasal symptoms can improve these symptoms. Stomach acid reflux or “heartburn” can also cause asthma symptoms in some people.

Complete removal of Asthma triggers is virtually impossible for most people with asthma however; there are strategies that you can use to reduce the risk of asthma.

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