Fibromyalgia Pain

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Pain is very personal and many people feel it differently. There is no easy way to measure how much pain you are feeling and if you are experiencing pain, it is best to bring it up to your doctor right away.

Fibromyalgia is a type of chronic widespread pain disorder. Patients with fibromyalgia experience pain and tenderness in multiple areas throughout their body. Some people will develop fibromyalgia after a physically or emotionally stressful or traumatic event. It may be due to a prolonged injury or illness.

An easy way to remember the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia is to use the word FIBRO - fatigue, insomnia, blues (depression and/or anxiety), rigid muscles and ow (pain). Other conditions include headaches, restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and “fibro fog” (difficulty concentrating, memorizing and feeling mentally slowed down).

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