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What is BestLifeRewarded®?

BestLifeRewarded® is a Canadian rewards-based health behaviour change program designed to change the face of health in Canada.

How does the program work?

Canadians log onto BestLifeRewarded® to learn about healthy living, track activities, set goals, reminders, get healthy recipes, and much more. It is free to join. Members earn reward points as they participate in the program and achieve milestones.

How do people collect points?

BestLifeRewarded® will provide reward points to people who take action to live healthfully. Examples of these actions include taking a health risk assessment survey, participating in your personalized action plan, reading information on disease prevention/management, getting active, learning about health conditions, as well as tracking behaviours. Rewards points earned may be used for over 200+ healthy rewards.

How will you manage fraud?

BestLifeRewarded® has tracking elements within the site to protect us against fraud. Daily points values are capped based on the number of activities available to each member and suspicious accounts will be temporarily suspended. Redemption of rewards will also be tracked. Any abuse and/or fraudulent use of the BestLifeRewarded® web site, points system and/or rewards will be pursued through all available means.

What is the program trying to achieve?

BestLifeRewarded® aims to bring all health stakeholders together in a "coordinated assault" with one common goal – get Canadians healthier.

Why do we need this program?

There are some challenges with the way our health systems communicate with Canadians. Campaigns tend to focus on a single area of concern, e.g. heart disease vs. focusing on the person as a whole, including their lifestyle and motivators. BestLifeRewarded was designed to bring all the most credible providers together and create a "one stop shop" for Canadians to manage their health. The team at BestLifeRewarded is focused on a best practice, evidence-based approach to health behaviour change and has published several papers on this topic. Please refer to the www.BestLifeRewardedInnovations.com web site for more information.

Who is behind this program?

BestLifeRewarded Innovations Inc. is a private Canadian company founded by Susanne Cookson and Cynthia Hastings-James, with expertise in the health behaviour change, healthcare marketing and disruptive technology. BestLifeRewarded Innovations Inc. created BestLifeRewarded® in 2010 because there was an unmet need for a person-centered approach to health promotion (vs. disease-centered).

How does BestLifeRewarded Innovations make money?

BestLifeRewarded Innovations licenses its leading health behaviour change platform to various health stakeholders, such as insurance carriers, clinics, hospitals, etc. to support the prevention and optimal management of disease.

Why haven’t I heard of BestLifeRewarded?

BestLifeRewarded is one of Canada's best kept secrets. The creator, BestLifeRewarded Innovations has focused on partnering with organizations with large populations of Canadians and has stayed busy building a stellar track record as global leaders in rewards-based health behaviour change since 2010. While other new players are good at making noise in the market, BestLifeRewarded Innovations continues to focus on its evidence-based innovation.